News & Events

Events Schedule

At the Fruit Tree Day Nursery we enjoy an exciting schedule of events promoting a cohesive environment and strong parent-staff links that our nurseries are known for. All dates will be given in advance with enough time to prepare, and will be in either the newsletter or on the parent notice board nearer the time.


Our first pre-school was established in 2014, and the first graduating class left us in summer 2015. Every year we will have a small celebration with family and friends to celebrate the moving on of our Star Fruit pre-school children. The dates will be published sometime in June before the event, and there will be a small charge for the hire of the bespoke gowns, and presentation book that each child will receive.

Parent Socials

Parent socials run throughout the year and give the Fruit Tree Day Nursery parent-community a chance to get to know each other and build friendly relationships, in turn enabling the positive, strong links that our nursery is known for. Please look out for the dates in the newsletter or on the parent notice board.

Multicultural Day

At the Fruit Tree Day Nursery we enjoy learning and discovering everything there is to know about our children and the cultures they bring with them. Multicultural Day is a popular event that sees the nursery and parent community come together to showcase the food and music of their respective countries. Children are encouraged to come in their traditional dress whilst parents prepare tasty and exciting traditional food. The event in 2014 was a huge success and the photos can be seen in a display in reception at our Camberwell nursery.

Christmas Lunch & Party

Just before our Christmas break, we host a lunch and party for parents and children where we celebrate the year at the nursery over festive food and music. All parents are welcome.


Every term, each of the Fruit Tree nurseries publishes a newsletter. This includes important updates from management, and updates from the rooms including what children have been up to and what is being planned for the following term. Look out for these in reception.


We will soon be uploading pictures of some of our activities in progress