Ofsted Comments

Similarly, our success as a nursery is reflected in our most recent Ofsted report at camberwell nursery, which was graded “Good” with so many outstanding features, here is an extract from the most recent report from 2014:

  • Children are busy and active learners; they happily help themselves to a good range of resources and staff sensitively guide children, showing their high standards in the quality of teaching.
  • Children form strong attachments to staff and show their feelings of safety and security as they gain in confidence and independence.
  • Children enjoy delicious tasty meals which introduces them to eating healthily.
  • Partnership working is strong, particularly with parents who participate in both formal and social events.
  • The new management team is strength as they work effectively with staff, listening to their needs and providing opportunities to continue training.

Our new Northover Fruit Tree Day Nursery setting will be expecting an Ofsted report within a years time, and we hope that we will be able to add to our positive comments from both the parent community and Ofsted.