Rooms & Content

Our nurseries offer three stages – baby, toddler and pre-school of development in designated fruit-named room tailored to these specific developmental stages, and are filled with high-quality resources which enables the team to bring the nursery and pre-school curriculum to life in the most engaging and creative ways possible. All our rooms are bright with windows that let in lots of natural daylight; they are well ventilated and fully central heated with a special winter time heating booster programme system.

General Content Of Rooms:

Babies: 3 month -24 months – Little Peaches, Blueberries & Little Apricots @ Camberwell & Northover

We have purpose-built rooms full of sensory equipment and toys to stimulate the development of babies’ including their fine and gross motor skills. The rooms are bright, well ventilated and carefully designed to move babies on to the next stage of growth and accelerate a child’s capacity to walk and develop independently.

Toddlers: 24 -36 months – Pineapples & Kiwis @ Camberwell & Northover

A two-year-old’s dream environment with state of the art equipment and full of a variety of resources including imaginative role play and an arts & crafts area to stimulate every child’s imagination as well as creative potential, it is here that toddlers learn about the world around them and the how to communicate socially and emotionally, growing and developing in their confidence, resilience and independence.

Pre-School: 36 months – 5 years – Star Fruits @ Camberwell & Northover

Our pre-school rooms are bright with ample daylight, well ventilated, centrally heated, spacious and fully equipped with resources that support the physical, social and intellectual development of preschool children so that they are adequately prepared in their readiness for primary school. It is here that we ensure they have firm foundations in phonics, problem solving, social and emotional skills as well as independence in areas such as “self care” and “self expression”.

Generally children are moved on after they reach the suited age. However, in some cases observations and tracking may inform us that a child is not ready to move up or in some cases a child may need to move up earlier to build on the child’s accelerated development. In these cases staff will work together with parents to ensure a plan is put in place to assist them in their development.

Fruit Tree Day Nursery – Camberwell SE5 7NL

Little Peaches 3 months – 15 months

Blueberries 15-24 months

Pineapples 24-36 months

Star Fruits 36-48 months

Northover Fruit Tree Day Nursery – Bromley BR1 5JR

Little Apricots 0-24 months

Kiwis 24-36 months

Star Fruits 36-48 months