At the Fruit Tree Day Nursery we are extremely proud of our strong parent-staff links, this is reflected through the many glowing comments (that we cherish) on cards and emails we receive from so many parents thanking us for our service.  Many of the children at our Camberwell setting have been with us from young babies, and have since gone on to be some of the first graduates of our pre-school.

Our Northover setting has had a record breaking start since our opening on 7th of September 2015 with over 30 new children & babies within 8 weeks and rising, with local parents commenting on the quality of care quality of activities and quality of environment and specialist equipment available to the children.

Here is a few of those glowing testimonials:

Parent Testimonials

“I could not recommend enough The Fruit Tree Day Nursery”

“From his very first day, my little one was welcomed in an environment that rather felt like home. Along the years spent there, he literally thrived, I saw him develop at his pace, encouraged and supported by the wonderful staff of the nursery”

“My child was given a chance to discover his strength and weaknesses and work on these day by day”

“Drop-off and pick-up time became a pleasant ritual for me, too. The staff and management became part of our little world. Having tried other nurseries before, I can confidently say that this is a little gem we had the luck to discover”

“My child joined the nursery when he was 22 months and is now 3 1/2. The staff have always looked after him extremely well & had his best interests at heart.He loves it and looks forward to going each day”

“I’ve have always found the staff to be friendly and approachable. As my child is now in pre-school, I’m very happy with the current standard of teaching”.

“The teachers in pre-school recognise when a child needs more stimulation and encourage them to work with or on things they enjoy to keep them occupied rather than putting it down to the child being disruptive

“I am very pleased with the varied daily menu of fresh and healthy food cooked by their onsite chef, it’s also great to see that they encourage all the children to serve themselves and be more independent”

“Thanks you for taking such care in providing this nursery for our children, the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are wonderful”

“The Learning & Care is Excellent”

“Every day my child would come home enthusiastic, telling me about the variety of activities he was involved, what he learnt, heard and enjoyed

“E has been with you for nearly four years and we just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the love, care and support you have provided”

“You’re fantastic and we really appreciate you!”

“Thank you for all of your help and support over the years. Continue to do what you do!”

“Your nursery is so secure, the garden is amazing, we’re so glad the children don’t have to go to the park every day”

“My son has only just started reception and we are missing much this special nursery, I have to add that his new teachers were quite impressed by the high standard of preparation my little one demonstrated and asked about The Fruit Tree

“I love the fact that you see my child as unique and that you tailor her learning and development to meet her specific needs”

“ Your staff are warm and welcoming, It makes me feel like they really care
about my daughter”

” Thank you so much for how you have prepared (C) for primary school, it has made his transition a smooth one and he has grown do much in confidence ”

“Thanks for the cosy family atmosphere you have created at the nursery, it has really helped my child to settle speedily”

“My son surprises us daily with new things he has learnt. In my experience the pre-school staff always find new and interesting things to keep the children curious and interested